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With the day of love quickly approaching, it makes sense to offer these observation on wine:

“Wine heightens sexual desire in ways that
other forms of alcohol cannot,” according to Dr. Geoff Kalish, who added
that Pinot noir grapes have the greatest abundance of pheromones (aromatic

substances markedly influencing human
sexual behavior) of all popular wine grape varietals tested.


"Pinot Noir has me in its velvet grip. Pinot Noir is sex in the back seat of dad’s station wagon, or on the front of your boyfriends ’65 Corvette. It’s the best sex you’ve ever had. Pinot Noir is the James Dean of wine; it’s the wine women who love too much can’t drink.



Many ancient aphrodisiac wine recipes are tightly
interwoven with myth. During the 17th century, a strengthening
aphrodisiac was created from adding cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, rosemary
and thyme in wine and allowing it to rest for a week before straining.
The resulting spiced wine was drank each day to enhance sexual prowess.



According to a DECANTER news Article, January 2004:

A Burgundy advertising campaign has been banned for associating sexual attraction with wine drinking. The judgment, passed at the beginning of January under a 1991 law,
ruled that the advertisements broke the law by showing a series of
attractive women’s bodies, which were too suggestive, and ‘were not
simply informative as the law demands.’"



"If you are otherwise healthy and have no significant side effects with
Viagra, a small amount of alcohol is unlikely to cause problems. But if
you have blood-pressure problems or heart disease, or if you take
blood-pressure medication, you should avoid combining alcohol and

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    It’s February 7th, and you know what that means…

    Valentine’s Day is a week away. As I’ve said elsewhere, one of the biggest problems for winery Web sites is keeping them fresh (and conveying that freshness to visitors). Right about now, I would expect nearly every winery Web site

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    As usuall you are once again on the top no dought.well i wish to see you keeping it up in the future ..

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