All Is Right In The World

Once again the world, as it does every spring, became a much better place to live. Yesterday the San Francisco Giants played their first Spring Training game. What this means is that baseball season is just around the corner.


I do feel a need to make a statement however about the nature of being a San Francisco Giant fan. Besides being very patient (1954), we are also much better mannered than those teams’ fans from, say, the East Coast and particularly around the the Boston area.

In San Francisco, this is how we do it!

It’s that time a year! Time to cheer

2 Responses

  1. Paul Mabray - March 3, 2006

    GO Giants!

  2. Terry Hughes - March 3, 2006

    Sir! You slander us natives of the great Bay State! We Boston Irish are capable of holding a glassa AND giving the finger at the same time.

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