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Apr 3, 2006

The Ark & the Perfect Day

I’m happy to report the ARK is moving toward completion at a very fast clip. Once the mast is reconstructed after the last storm here in Northern California destroyed it, we set about to rebuild it. Also, we have set about collecting a number of different grape cuttings  so that when the responsibility falls upon us to repopulate the earth, we will be bringing wine with us (we have plans for a male and female winemaker to board the ark.)….

Mar 7, 2006

FAKES! On Wine and Baseball

The danger we all confront of becoming too jaded a person is surely the result of an accumulation of disappointments; not just a single shock to our idea that authenticity is worth seeking out. Still, today’s news that Barry Bonds appears to have used steroids heavily, and lied about it, is the kind of affront to my faith in authenticity that nearly puts me in the camp of the jaded. The disappointment that comes with hearing this news helps explain…

Mar 3, 2006

All Is Right In The World

Once again the world, as it does every spring, became a much better place to live. Yesterday the San Francisco Giants played their first Spring Training game. What this means is that baseball season is just around the corner. I do feel a need to make a statement however about the nature of being a San Francisco Giant fan. Besides being very patient (1954), we are also much better mannered than those teams’ fans from, say, the East Coast and…