The Ark & the Perfect Day


I’m happy to report the ARK is moving toward completion at a very fast clip. Once the mast is reconstructed after the last storm here in Northern California destroyed it, we set about to rebuild it. Also, we have set about collecting a number of different grape cuttings  so that when the responsibility falls upon us to repopulate the earth, we will be bringing wine with us (we have plans for a male and female winemaker to board the ark.).

March in the Bay Area was among wettest since records have been officially kept. With the exception of one or two mocking days, we constantly saw rain. It is now April and the weatherman (who will not find a place on the ARK!!) tells us we are in store for regular rain for another two weeks. Suffice to say, it is unlikely there will be any difficulties in the vineyard this season with regards to water.

But what has me more concerned that the conditions of our soggy Sonoma Valley vineyards is the fact that it is once again raining today—the most important day of the year. Today at approximately 4:05pm, the San Francisco Giants will take the field in San Diego for their first Baseball game of the season. I know…it’s hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that all is right in the world (this is always the case when baseball season begins) while at the same time we are building an ARK. I’m struggling with this too.

So in order to overcome this difficult dichotomy, I want to offer a vision of paradise:

It’s 1pm. The sun is shinning bright. You and a few close friends are sitting 10 rows up behind the home team dugout. A mere wisp of a breeze washes over your tee-shirt clad torso. In one hand you hold a glass of fine dry rose. In the other, a hot dog…steaming and lathered in mustard. And from the ball field in front of you the words ring out, "PLAY BALL!!!" You sip your fine dry rose…and the world is perfect.

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  1. dfredman - April 3, 2006

    It appears as if San Diego will dodge the rain bullet today, but here in Los Angeles the skies began opening up and the rain is predicted to occur sporadically thoughout much of the afternoon.
    I only hope that this isn’t an omen indicative of the rest of the Dodgers’ season! 🙂

  2. Matt - April 3, 2006

    Great blog Tom – you are insanely consistent with your entries striking fear and awe in the hearts of your fellow bloggers. I can sympathize with your weather woes – up here in Vancouver it rained for 39 days straight during the winter – time for an ARK indeed!

  3. tom - April 3, 2006

    You know, of course, that you are the enemy!!
    I’m not sure how you guys in western Canada and Washington state do it. People around here are getting very very grumpy. However, bring some of that BC wine and we’ll save a place for you on the ark.
    (DAN:….you don’t get a place on the ark!! No Dodger fans!) 🙂

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