Boobs and a Brand: A Turnkey Opportunity

There’s no winery, there are no vineyards, there’s not that much self respect, but there are boobs and brand. If that’s enough for you  then step on up. The price is only $460,000.

According to the Classified Ad over at Wine Enthusiast’s web site, Cleavage Creek Winery is for sale. It’s described as a "Turnkey business." I wish I really knew that that meant. Do you turn a key and lose money? Or, do you turn a key and money just falls from the sky?

Anyway, Cleavage Creek is the wine brand that believes fully in it’s product as well as the ability to attract the consumers’ eye by placing well-endowed blonds on the label. And believe m when I say, that label is HUGE. The owners have also been giving 10% of its "proceeds" to breast cancer research.

I’m trying to imagine the meeting that took place that inspired the creation of Cleavage Creek:

"Nope, been done."

Nope, the Aussies already did that."

"Boobs! Yes, Boobs!"

In any case, the brand is for sale.

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  1. David - March 8, 2006

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that about 60% of all wine purchasing decisions at retail were made by women. Unless boob creek plans on selling direct to consumer… good luck on finding a woman who would put this in her shopping cart. Even with selling direct I can’t imagine having grandma around when this bottle gets un-corked at Thanksgiving.
    I’d say it is “turn a key and lose money.”

  2. johng - March 8, 2006

    To me, Cleavage Creek wines is wholesome mom-and-apple-pie next to Pin Up Wine (, a label from De La Montanya Winery in Dry Creek Valley. The labels feature the proprietor’s fetching wife dressed in sexy, old fashioned lingerie and posing provocatively in the barrel room. I really don’t want to know what that’s all about….

  3. johng - March 8, 2006

    Sorry, Tom, you’ll need to fix that link. Just needs to lose the “)”

  4. Tish - March 8, 2006

    Sex sells lots of products in America. Why can’t wine have a few brands that do the same thing? I think Cleavage Creek is flat-out (pun intended) FUNNY,and I’ll be featuring the Cabernet at an upcoming tasitng of the 13 Funniest Wines in America in NYC on April Fools Eve. However, why would someone buy the brand when the concept can be easily mimicked?

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