Powering Down Winemaking

Here in California we have some experience with electricity blackouts. A few summers back we experienced rolling blackouts that played havoc with one of the largest economies on earth. While the interruptions caused problems for some in the wine industry, the problems were nothing compared to what South African Vintners are apparently facing.

According to reports, South African vintners, along with the rest of the country, have been hit hard by backouts. However, coming at harvest time (now…it’s the southern hemisphere) the blackouts play havoc particularly with fermentations. If the white wines cannot be kept cool during fermentation, you’ve got a problem.

"The power cuts are complicating our work in the cellars, grapes have
to wait in the sun for long hours because our cooling system is not
functioning and at the end of the day that affects quality,” said vintner Andre Freeborough.

Basically what you are going to get is spoiled wines. Imagine. You pamper and cultivate these grapes for months then, because of power outages…Poof….the wine is compromised.

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