Wine & Hissy Fits

Yea…Michigan State officials are throwing a real hissy fit.

They are apparently upset with the costs they are obligated to pay the attorneys that beat them at the Supreme Court last year in the Granholm v. Heald wine decision.

Their tantrum boils down to this: They don’t like what it cost their opponents to beat them. Among their claims is that it was unnecessary to bring in Kathleen Sullivan, Dean of Stanford law School, to write the "merits brief" as well as to argue the case in front of the court.

"The hiring of Kathleen Sullivan to write the merits brief in the
Supreme Court and to conduct oral argument was the result of political
correctness, not legal necessity," Michigan officials claimed in a
legal brief filed last week."

Or, it could have been that wineries defending their right to sell wine just wanted to have the best representation they could get in the biggest case they’d ever see.

Basically, they don’t want to pay the legal fees. I suspect also that Michigan residents are a bit peeved that their government not only lost in their bid to prevent them from obtaining the products they want to buy, but that they now also cost the tax payers a decent amount of cash.

Michigan’s officials are simply throwing a tantrum…I hate tantrums..

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