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FERMENTATION has been up and running now for nearly a year and a half. One of the great joys of blogging has been the chance to meet other wine blogging folk who I"d probably never have had much of any contact with.

This week is twofer…I get to meet face to face Mike Duffy of the Winery Website Report as well as Taj from Cork & Demon.

There are still those in the wine business and wine media who I’ve known and worked with for more than 15 years, yet never met. The relationships have developed over the phone, through their writings and via email. We modern communicating folk have gotten pretty good at getting to know each other via electronic means. But nothing beats a face to face meeting, a chance to look across a table, a chance to talk and break bread in person.

That said, it strikes me that a very significant community of people who know each others work and who know each other to one degree or another has developed within the wine blogging community. If you look at the comments on FERMENTATION or Lenndevours or Vinography and a number of other wine blogs you’ll see other bloggers leaving remarks. The email between us is fairly consistent too. And because we are all wine bloggers we all have a similar frame of reference that leaves less of the onion to peal away in order to get to know one another via posts, comments and email.

I hope the wine blogging community finds a way to meet face to face one day. There was a move afoot to organize such a meeting. Perhaps it will re-emerge as a viable possibility. In the mean time, meeting my peers remains one of the great pleasures that has come out of wine blogging.

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  1. Mike Duffy - April 12, 2006

    On the drive back to my office, I was wondering which one of us would manage the first post about lunch today (at Syrah in Santa Rosa)! It was a real pleasure to meet you in person (and for those of you still wondering, Tom looks nothing like his image at the top of the page). Thanks for accepting my lunch invite!

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