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I came across a new wine blog aggregator attached to a wine site that has altogether different intentions than simpling rolling out the most current batch of wine blog posts. is in fact a very interesting and ambitious wine website. It sets its focus on all things Bordeaux with the goal of bringing readers the overall best wines of the vintage and ratings from many of Europe’s top palates. WineMega delivers vintage charts, ratings, commentary and articles (including 65 vintages of Yquem), and of course a regularly updated list of blog postings.

The site comes in both English and French. At times the English can be a bit difficult. It has either been translated incorrectly or the writers are not native English speakers.

Beyond recommending this site to anyone interested in the wines of Bordeaux, I have to observe that the inclusion of the blog aggregator as a way to bring in a broad selection of outside news to their site is another nice confirmation of the mainstreaming of wine blogging   and the utility of blogs for website developers that are looking to fill out their site content.

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  1. Winemega-Alain - April 12, 2006

    Hi Tom,
    I noticed your comment from Winemega’s aggregator.. Thanks for your nice words and for mentioning
    Sorry for my lousy English. Unfortunately for English speaking visitors, my mother tongue is French. But I hope my comments are still comprehensive.
    Continue the good job on your Fermentation blog

  2. Paul Mabray - April 19, 2006

    We need more aggregators – as wine blogging is becoming more and more of a great topic and fragmented, it is harder to find a good one-stop blogging shop to catch today’s headlines. Blogs could possibly replace periodicals.

  3. WineLook - July 8, 2007

    I was directed here from winemega, and I have to say that this website certainly contains a lot of interesting and useful information about wine. Our website, is an Australian based website that helps wine importers make an informed decision about which wine to purchase by providing them with relevant information about the wine. We are an expanding website and would dearly love any relevant links from quality websites such as yours.
    Kind Regards,
    WineLook team,

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