Best Parts of My Job in the Wine Industry

Early and productive morning. Got up at 5am…did some work, got the kids up, fed them, then headed off to take some spring morning shots of Bucklin’s Old Hill Ranch in Sonoma Valley for projects we are working on.

It’s beautiful in the vineyard at 6:45. The sun is just coming up over the Mayacamus Range on the east side of Sonoma Valley. The Old Hill Ranch vineyard is just starting to leaf out. This is one of the best parts of my job.


Shoots & Leaves

We call this "Potential"


An Old Man Wakes Up To Spring


120 Year Old Zin Leafing  Out


Vine Fuzz

Old Hill Ranch: 6:46 am

Old Hill Ranch: 6:46 am


Clearly I’m Not The Only ONe Up  and in  the Vineyard this Early


A Team Arrives to "Sucker" the Vines

4 Responses

  1. Josh - May 12, 2006

    Fantastic natural frame on the Old Hill ranch shot. They should have that up in their tasting room/winery.

  2. Fredric Koeppel - May 12, 2006

    Great images! I love this vineyard, visited last year in June, I think. tasted Will’s wine and the Ravenswood. the real taste of terroir. and history.

  3. Mike Duffy - May 12, 2006

    Nice pictures and a nice article in the Press Democrat about Bucklin – I presume you deserve some of the credit!

  4. Bonnie - May 12, 2006

    These photos are so beautiful! I plan on visiting this vineyard this summer. Can’t wait.

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