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May 12, 2006

Best Parts of My Job in the Wine Industry

Early and productive morning. Got up at 5am…did some work, got the kids up, fed them, then headed off to take some spring morning shots of Bucklin’s Old Hill Ranch in Sonoma Valley for projects we are working on. It’s beautiful in the vineyard at 6:45. The sun is just coming up over the Mayacamus Range on the east side of Sonoma Valley. The Old Hill Ranch vineyard is just starting to leaf out. This is one of the best…

Apr 7, 2006

Rising Crime Wave in Wine Country

Every single day I thank the gods that I am fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful and unique spot as Sonoma Valley. I’ve been here for a decade now after spending time in Marin County to the south and San Francisco, further south. I occasionally like to offer FERMENTATION readers a glimpse of this community. Today that glimpse is the crime that infests our small Valley. From today’s Sonoma Index Tribune: "Patrol Car Hit With Baguette""A 23-year-old female…