Rising Crime Wave in Wine Country


Every single day I thank the gods that I am fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful and unique spot as Sonoma Valley. I’ve been here for a decade now after spending time in Marin County to the south and San Francisco, further south.

I occasionally like to offer FERMENTATION readers a glimpse of this community. Today that glimpse is the crime that infests our small Valley.

From today’s Sonoma Index Tribune:

"Patrol Car Hit With Baguette"
"A 23-year-old female threw a hunk of  bread at a deputy’s patrol car as it was driving past her around 11pm on Saturday, April 1. The deputy stopped to contact the subject and realized that the female was under the influence…"

You really have to appreciate a town where the weapon of choice is a baguette.

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  1. mommysalame - April 7, 2006

    Sonoma Valley is a small quaint area in Sonoma COUNTY. That incident was in the larger city of Santa Rosa.

  2. Iris - April 8, 2006

    And it happened really on April the first?
    It must have been a baguette left over from Friday – and only if the weather had been dry in the meantime – otherwise it would have been spongy and not efficient as a weapon! (Here in the South of France, we know how and when to choose a baguette for any purpose…, believe me).

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