Wine Flying High

I’m one of those guys that likes to get to the airport early, well before my flight. It’s a thing I have about being paranoid about missing the plane. Plus, I like airports.There’s something about watching lots of people move about in a transitional state that I find fascinating.

It’s going to get easier to enjoy my early arrivals when I fly out of Sacramento. A report in USA Today notes that San Francisco-based Taste, Inc got approval to open what will be its second terminal-based wine bar at the Sacramento Airport.

Taste Inc already operates Vino Volo at Washington’s Dulles airport. The company also sells wines on-line, but their offerings are pretty slim. I counted 11 wines being offered. But, that’s still enough for me if I’ve got a couple hours in an airport. People watching is always better with a glass in had.

Reed Foster, one of the founders of Ravenswood, sits on the Board of Taste, Inc. The plan is to corner the market on airport based wine bars.

One more sign wine is going mainstream.

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  1. Joe - May 12, 2006

    The tricky part is keeping the pilots out…

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