What Kind of FERMENTATION Reader Are You? It’s Survey Time

It has been almost a year since I last surveyed the readers of FERMENTATION. In that time the readership of wine blogs has grown and the number of blogs has grown.

So the question is…You read FERMENTATION, but what kind of person are you really?


Your responses to the survey are 100% confidential. Not even I will know who you are.    I’ll just know the answers that are left in the survey form, but not know who left them. The survey is quite short: only 15 short questions.

The Survey will be up for about 1 week. At the end of that time we’ll all have a good idea of who we are and where we stand in relation to other FERMENTATION readers. The results will be posted here and a link to the raw results will be posted too.

Thank you in advance for your participation. It is greatly appreciated.

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