What’s Arnold Have To Say About Wine

Join in the..


Write a caption for this wonderful shot of Governor Arnold schwarzenegger and put it in the comments section HERE.

Judged by yours truly, the winner of the first FERMENTATION CAPTION CONTEST will receive a one years subscription to the Award Winning Pinot Noir Report.

Contest ends Tuesday May 9 at 11:59pm

Hat tip to Jason at the Shipping Compliance Blog for pointing me toward this…great photo.

8 Responses

  1. Rick - May 5, 2006

    “Interstate shipping laws? STOP WHINING!”

  2. Greg - May 5, 2006

    Magnums are for girly men.

  3. dan - May 5, 2006

    “Hasta la vino, baby”

  4. Jimmy Mancbach - May 6, 2006

    The hand is quicker than the eye

  5. Terry Hughes - May 6, 2006

    “Ve are going to DRUNK–YOU–UP!”

  6. James Bateman - May 6, 2006

    unt 2005 oozy blanc

  7. Jathan - May 8, 2006

    “Trust me, it will pump you up.”

  8. tom merle - May 9, 2006

    Who cares about what’s inside. The name ist wunderbar: Imperial. And its great for doing curls.

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