Wine Blog Watch…It is Alive!

NO…."Wine Blog Watch" is not Dead?

For a week now the pre-eminent catalog of wine blogs has been no where to be seen. Going to the site rewards one with: "The connection has timed out". However, according to proprietor, Jarret, the site will be back up within the week.

The beauty of Wine Blog Watch is its constant reporting on which blogs have been updated in the past hour. It has been one of my most important sources for newly launched wine blogs as well as one of the best indicators of the pace at which wine blogging has exploded. There is no other site on the net that so accurately portrays the state of the wine blogging community.

Jarret says WineBlogWatch will be back up soon.

6 Responses

  1. Trish - May 15, 2006

    I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for doing the digging.

  2. bonnie - May 15, 2006

    Phew! I have been wondering the same thing. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Terry Hughes - May 15, 2006

    All I can say is, Thank Gawd!

  4. Matt - May 15, 2006

    Thanks Tom. I had no idea how to find out what happened to our beloved WBW. Though, I did go outside 3 times last week!

  5. johng - May 16, 2006

    That’s funny. I had just clicked on that favorite for about the umpteenth time and then , when it timed out, came here to see if maybe you had a new link. Thanks for the update.

  6. Alan Smith - May 31, 2006

    I just tried submitting my new wine blog to WBW and received a script error. So I emailed them with info, and it bounced back. Are they still accepting new sites? Thanks!

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