“I WONT Eat My Peas!!!


a Press Democrat writes a very nice round up story today on the state of direct shipment of wine a year after the historic Granholm V. Heald Supreme Court decision.

What caught my eye was the very end of the story where the President of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association, Juanita Duggan, identified with this quote:

"the justices’ opinion that states could find other ways to enforce
underage drinking laws in an era of direct shipping of wine doesn’t
sway her and never will."

Now, doesn’t that strike you, particularly the part about "doesn’t sway her and never will, as seeming a lot like the 7 year old boy who folds his arms, makes a frown and declares, "I’m not eating those peas!!!"

Duggan goes on to say about the United States Supreme Court Justices: "We think they are in fantasy land."

"Fantasyland". This from a woman who spent years as the chief lobbyist for on of the Tobacco industry’s largest cancer pushers before joining the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Association where she would argue that direct sales of wine to adults would harm American children.


Duggan has been on a fairly long losing streak for some time, making one wonder just how long her employers are willing to put up with her antics. Since joining the WSWA there has been a steady liberalization of America’s wine shipment laws, despite Duggan penchant for demeaning the justices of the Supreme Court, arguing that kids will want to buy $40 bottles of Cabernet with their credit cards, and spending literally millions of dollars trying to buy politicians.

Note to America’s Wholesalers: You might wan to rethink your management structure.

According to McCallum’s article, "
Wholesalers have vowed to fight new states from opening up to wine shipments and from that right being extended to retailers."

If Duggan’s past achievements are any indication of her future success, we can all look forward to more access to fine wines. Maybe we don’t want the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers to dump Ms. Duggan.

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