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Jun 2, 2006

Drugs, Guns, Smokes and Wine

The Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Association (WSWA) has spruced up and augmented its team of people who will fight to keep wine lovers having access only to wines wholesalers get a cut of and fight to put wineries at the mercy of wholesalers. Among the new additions to the national association that represents wine wholesalers is Dawson Hobbs, who has been hired as Vice President of State Affairs. According to WSWA Hobbs will "educate state officials about issues surrounding the…

May 16, 2006

“I WONT Eat My Peas!!!

a Press Democrat writes a very nice round up story today on the state of direct shipment of wine a year after the historic Granholm V. Heald Supreme Court decision. What caught my eye was the very end of the story where the President of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association, Juanita Duggan, identified with this quote:"the justices’ opinion that states could find other ways to enforce underage drinking laws in an era of direct shipping of wine doesn’t sway…

Mar 16, 2006

Are you SURE that’s Pinot you are drinking?

How often is your Pinot Noir NOT Pinot Noir?  How often is it blended with Syrah or some other body and color enhancer? Consider this tidbit from Jordan MacKay’s "Noir Taboo" article in the latest issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine: "…2005 Pinot Noir sales are up 73 percent from the previous year. Yet the growth of Pinot bearing acreage is for the most part flat." Clearly there is lot of "Pinot Noir" being made that just isn’t 100% Pinot…