WineBiz 2.4…with Kaz (and me)

If you are so-inclined you can catch me on the radio today at 1pm PST.

I’ll be sitting behind the microphone with Richard (KAZ) Kasmier on WineBiz 2.4 on the mighty KSVY 91.3 Sonoma. Co-host Eric Aho is taking the day off and I’m filling in.

WineBiz 2.4 is a weekly show tha features wine news from around the world and commentary in a loose, fun format. However, clearly their standards are not what they should be given that they have me on once per month.

That said, you can listen to the show LIVE by CLICKING HERE.


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  1. Mike Duffy - June 5, 2006

    For those of us who have trouble with time, is there a recorded version?

  2. Tom Wark - June 6, 2006

    Yep…same link…a nice archive of shows.

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