Wine, Water & the People’s Wine Magazine

Wine magazines are often the host and sponsor of tasting events. But normally, when a wine magazine hosts a tasting, it’s a "Grand" event, or a "Great" event. The wines poured are usually among the most expensive and the highest rated. Wine & Spirits Magazine is proving again that it does things a bit different with the announcement of its "Hot Picks Tasting Tour".

Beginning in Seattle on August 23, W&S’s Hot Picks events will feature 50 top rated wines…all priced under $25. This makes an enormous amount of sense and helps position W&S, again, as a champion of wine education. Add this to the magazine’s consistently high quality editorial and you understand why the magazine is so appreciated by those who read it.

But if you needed one more reason to support and appreciate Wine & Spirits Magazine, you need only read this quote from Josh Greene, the magazine’s publisher:

“Wine is 85% water, and as water resources become threatened by
development or misuse, we have become more proactive in working to
protect a resource that is essential to sustainability in the wine
industry. What better way to save water than to drink wine?”

It turns out the first Hot Picks event in Seattle will donate a portion of the proceeds to Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, an organization that promotes regional water quality. However, that fine goal aside it’s hard to argue with Greene’s sentiment on the relationship between wine and conserving water.

According to the press release, Wine & Spirits Magazine will be taking it’s Hot Picks Tour to seven cities over the next couple years, including New York and Los Angeles.

Tickets to the Seattle event can be purchased HERE.

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  1. lagramiere - June 6, 2006

    Great post Tom, brought tears to my eyes…

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