Looking For a Few Good Wine PR Types

Over at the day job side of my life, we are looking to fill out our database of Wine PR types.

In essence we are looking for folk who have some experience in wine public relations or some experience in PR/marketing/communications and a knowledge of wine that might recommend them as potential independent contractors or even, down the road, as hires.

Here’s the kind of person we want to talk to:

-You can write, write well, and write fairly quickly.

-You are familiar with the wine industry, particularly the California wine industry.

-You known intuitively why it’s not a good idea to call a wine writer and ask, "Did you get the unsolicited wine sample we sent for XYZ Winery?"

-You are able to look a client in the eyes and tell them, "that’s a bad idea".

-You know the difference between "Intriguing", "fascinating" and "commonplace".

-You have the capacity to become authentically giddy when a client succeeds at something.

-You appreciate the upside and side effects of the disability known as "Winegeekosis".

-You are able to confidently pick up the phone, call wine writers and editors and explain without fear exactly how the world will end on a particular date.

-At best, you may have some experience in wine public relations, but not necessarily a lot.

-You have no problem working as an independent contractor, rather than as an employee.

-Computers and the Internet are your friend.

I got into the wine public relations business directly after receiving an MA. I thought I had the talent and skills to work in PR and I knew a bit about wine, but not much. I got a chance to work as an independent contractor at an agency specializing in wine.

We aren’t looking for someone like that, but with an itsy bit more experience.

Maybe you work in a winery tasting room. Maybe you’ve have a low level position in a PR/communications firm or some other communications firm. Maybe you’ve worked in wine retail or in restaurants. Perhaps you are already an independent contractor who’s just starting up your consultancy or you are scraping by. Maybe you are a wine blogger or food blogger with an obscene amount of wine knowledge and moxie and have thought about getting into PR or the wine industry.

If you think you fit the bill, E-MAIL ME. Send me your resume. Contact me. Make me think about you. You know someone like this? Send them a link to this post.

Wark Communications is a Boutique Wine PR Firm. We provide communication and design services to small and medium-sized companies in and around the wine industry. We work long hours. We go to wine tastings. We read an obscene amount of wine related materials. We listen to our clients and the media. We lay down in the road for our clients. We are looking to fill our our database of potential independent contractor types who have wine knowledge, the ability to learn, and the willingness to lie down in the road for clients.

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  1. traci bue - July 31, 2006

    where is this cheese shop you write about in Glen Ellen?!

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