The Blogosphere on Whining Wine Wholesalers

There are some interesting takes in the Blogosphere over today’s announcement from the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America that a survey shows the world is about to end because 2% of those answering said survey announced they had bought wine online (By the way, the 2% is within the margin of error).

Over at TECH DIRT  they conclude that rather than proving there is a problem with minors buying wine online the survey in fact demonstrates that, "No, this is actually new, hard evidence that the problem you’ve been screaming about isn’t a problem at all."

At REASON ONLINE’s BLOG a post entitled "Fine Whine and Wholesale Lies" observes that "Concerned yet? Not even the Office of National Drug Control Policy can muster up a proper alarmist statement."

Both these sites have very interesting comments section.

Anastasia at Ypulse Blog, a site dedicated to marketing to the Y Generation, delivers a broadside against the White house Office of Drug Control Policy for their, as she correctly calls it, "inane" reaction to the story in which they warn parents that, "…the drug dealer who used to lurk in the seedy side of town is now just an e-mail or a URL away from your home."

The good guy over at the GOOD GRAPE BLOG offers an the cartoonists response to the varied coverage of today’s survey story.

The learned folk over at SHIP COMPLIANT BLOG have the whole story and they had it yesterday. They’ve got the link to the Free the Grapes response as well as the entire text of Juanita Duggan’s letter to trade Associations.

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  1. Josh - August 10, 2006

    One of the great days for hyper high quality posts at Fermentation. Jeff’s cartoon is priceless and the bloggers over at Reason have it dead right.
    Thanks for the links.

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