One Great Wine Tasting

My wife and I drove down to San Francisco yesterday to attend the Wine & Spirit’s Magazine Top 100 tasting at the Galleria at thet San Francisco Design Center.

It was the one of the very best tastings I’ve been to in a long time.

While I do enjoy the Family Winemakers of California and ZAP tasting, I really need to gear up for them. They are BIG…big in a way you need to really suit up and prepare to do battle to get to the wineries’ tables.

The Wine & Spirits Top 100 tasting was really a civilized affair. It was not too crowded, it was easy to taste (with the exception of the Krug table)  and the food was tremendous. But the wines…WOW

Presented were the Top 100 wineries based on Wine & Spirits’ last 12 months of tasting and reviewingSal
wines. There were wines from across the globe. It had been quite some time since I’d tasted the likes of Muga, Chapoutier, Masi, Leonetti, Quinta do Noval, Dr. Loosen, etc. They were all there.

This was the third year that Wine & Spirits has held this tasting. I don’t know if they limit the numbers who can attend. If they don’t, they will soon need a much larger space.

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  1. Jack - October 12, 2006

    Tom: Alder, Joanne and I missed you two; then again, it was became crazy crowded!
    Ummm…you didn’t mention the 2001 Giacosa Falleto Riserva – WotN, nor the 1988 Heredia Tondia white, White WotN. You did mention Dr. Loosen – did you by chance get to taste the WS BA? It was Wonderful! The Breton wines rocked, too. And the Elena Walch Sauvignon was tremendous. The Gewurtz’s from Deiss and Weinbach showed quite well, too.

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