TEN THINGS: For Which I’d Pay Retail-Plus


10 Things for which I’d pay retail-plus

1. A searchable database of every wine-related article published in print or on the net in the past 12 months.

2. The chance to drive the Oakville Grade/Trinity Road from Napa to Sonoma in a small, fast car with a guarantee no other cars would be on the road

3. The chance to convince a winery to change it’s name to “100 Points”

4. A book that deals with Time Travel as well as the book “Replay”

5. A 100 page wine magazine that devotes each monthly issue to the thorough examination of 10 different wines

6. The New Yorker Magazine (if they had a wine columnist)

7. The chance to go a year without having to listen to someone argue the Wine Spectator gives better scores to advertisers

8. Two weeks on a white sand beach where the only noises I hear are the waves, the wind rushing through the palm trees and a voice regularly repeating, “Can I get you another Margarita, Mr. Wark?”

9. Tickets to see the SF Giants win Game 7 of the World Series

10. A REALLY good $3 Cigar.

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  1. Paul Mabray - October 12, 2006

    How about a free listing of wine blogs listed since last month and going into the future? – here’s a preview of something great to come from the team at Inertia – we believe in wine bloggers too!
    Inertia – Powering the Wine Revolution
    —Paul Mabray – CEO

  2. Jack - October 12, 2006

    “A 100 page wine magazine that devotes each monthly issue to the thorough examination of 10 different wines”
    I’m the opposite on this one; I don’t want to read 10 pages on any wine ever.
    Now, if you had said 10 wineries and the writing was quite good, well, Me Too.

  3. Jared S. - October 13, 2006

    You already CAN buy #8 for “Retail Plus” but you may never get the chance at #9.
    And for #10 – isn’t that contrary to the point of the list? A $3 cigar will always be “retail”. 🙂

  4. Lenn - October 13, 2006

    I’m with Jack…I don’t think I’d want 10 pages on a single wine. Not even Alder’s storytelling can keep my attention for THAT long.

  5. Matt - October 13, 2006

    That when I order something from a menu that includes tomatoes, that the tomatoes are actually ripe and juicy, not lightly pink and mushy.
    The opportunity to pay someone NOT to use the title/phrase “Que Syrah” on any article or wine listing.
    Someone who can duplicate my late Na-Na’s sesame crescent cookie recipe.
    A real true “all airline” price comparison search engine on the web.
    Tickets to the final round of the Masters without having to take out a second mortgage.
    The return of sidewalks to neighborhoods (and green space around retail centers).

  6. Barrld - October 13, 2006

    Tom–Forget #2, the Giants aren’t going to the WS for a long time hence.
    An Angel Fan, Barrld

  7. Mike Duffy - October 13, 2006

    Have you read “The Time Traveler’s Wife”? I’m afraid I haven’t read “Reply”. And did you watch “Primer?”

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  9. Tom - October 17, 2006

    Re #10. Buy a JR Ultimate #1 maduro.

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