The Sounds of Wine Country

My neck of the woods is generally a fairly quiet little place. Glen Ellen in Sonoma  Valley is off of Highway 29, the major road tht runs down the center of Sonoma Valley. Despite the tourism that is year round, Glen Ellen tends to be a locals’ dominate village.

That changes one weekend per year. This last weekend to be specific.

5000 folks descended upon Glen Ellen, more specifically to BR Cohn Winery to hear the annual concert that Bruce Cohn delivers. Once again, the Doobie Brothers, to whom I’m did not lose my virginity but I’m pretty sure were on the Top Ten playlist at KFRC-Am on the day I did, played the concert. This year an added attraction at the concert was Willie Nelson.

Now as the crow flies, BR Cohn Winery is about 1/2 mile from where I live. So, without having paid forMower_1
the concert, I got the concert. And that’s ok. As it is, when I work outside as I did this weekend, I usually have music playing outside…usually some jazz, Van Morrison or some other stranger to current pop trends. This weekend I listened to the Doobie Brothers and Willie while my wife and I constructed a shed for the kid’s bikes and my lawn mower.

It’s hard to find music in this little wine country village. In fact, even if you go down the road to Sonoma, it’s often hard to find much music. It’s there, but you have to look and listen for it. Zoning restrictions and all. That is to say, if you come and visit us here in Glen Ellen, don’t expect to hear much beyond my lawn mower…except during his one weekend per year.


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