Wine Hiker

I love seeing this sort of thing. It’s just that you don’t see that much of it.

I’m talking about blogs that combine wine with another topic. Off the top of my head I can think of a few, but the Wine Hiker Witiculture Blog is really a great one.

The blog itself supports a very interesting and unique service: California Wine Hikes, a company that provides guided hiking tours through the wilderness and parks surrounding California wine country. Yes, there’s apparently lots of good food and wine involved in these excursions, as it should be.

The blog though is a fascinating amalgamation of subjects, mainly on hiking and wine…but some other tidbits are thrown in there too. The writing is witty and fun, and in some cases fairly substantial. Best is this fun stuff is delivered by a dedicated blogger who is at it on nearly a daily basis.

The idea of combining wine and culinary pursuits with outdoor activity isn’t new. You can find opportunities across France and Italy that will take you on walking and hiking tours of their wine country. And of course wine-related travel is hardly something new.

So, if you want to read a darn good wine-related blog or have an interest in hiking along with wine, you do want to check out Wine Hiker Witiculture.


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  1. winehiker - October 31, 2006

    Much obliged, Tom, for your extraordinarily kind words.
    California tends to emulate Europe in many ways. Because the California wine country comprises many miles of great hiking trails in addition to grapevines, wineries, and world-class wines, offering “winehiking” pursuits here just feels natural to me.

  2. Rick McCharles - November 2, 2006

    Good point. The future of blogging is specialization. Blogs that combine wine with (???) will appeal to specific readers.
    Me. I like wine and hiking.
    And the Wine Hiker blog.

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