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Jamie Goode is the blogosphere’s best connection to the British wine writing community. It’s a community I’d love to know better and would love to get to know its members better. But being both across the pond and a fly-over-country distance away, it’s just not possible. So, I live vicariiously through Jamie and his blog.

And it’s a good living. Goode finds time to recount not just the wines he’s tasted at various occasion and on his own, but gives us glimpses of what seems like the never ending stream of wine-trade event in the London area.

Goode is also an author as well as a columnist for the Sunday Express and a number of other publications… and it shows in his writing. You are going to learn something reading Goode’s blog. My only complaint with "Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog" is that the author does not place titles on his posts. This means I’m forced to go to his blog, rather than skim his entries via titles on my RSS reader. But I’d probably no learned nearly as much had I skimmed, rather than read.

Goode also maintains, his own website where a number of longer format pieces are published.

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  1. jamie g - November 2, 2006

    Thanks for the kind comments. Blog now has titles to posts!

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