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Since folks have been asking of late…I should spell it out:

-Written and maintained by Tom Wark, Fermentation is a blog that concerns itself with the business, philosophy, cultural implications, public relations, politics and enjoyment of wine. It is updated at least five days per week and is filled with the opinions of Tom Wark.

Fermentation attracts a wine savvy audience that finds a large percentage of its readership working in the wine, food and hospitality industries.

As of April 2008, the number of unique visitors coming to the site on a monthly basis is 25,000. It is upon this number that we base our advertising costs. This figure is roughly 25% higher than in February 2007. And the growth in readership continues.

A run down of Fermentation’s demographics can be found HERE, including information on our readers’ ice cream, automobile and pet preferences.

Negotiable in some cases

Top spot on Left or right sidebar: $250 per month
Any spot below the top on the left or right sidebar: $200 per month
A 6" x 6" ad located in the body of the blog 4 times Monthly: $100 per month

To inquire about advertising on Fermentation e-mail Tom Wark ([email protected])
or call 707-933-9313

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6 Responses

  1. lagramiere - November 13, 2006

    I hate to say this, but I find the flashing, ad currently at the top of your blog extremely annoying. Try to concentrate and read something with this thing flashing constantly in the corner of your eye, it’s not easy, or pleasant. Just a little friendly feed-back…maybe you could ask them to stop the flash. I’ll say the same to Alder.

  2. Jathan MacKenzie - November 14, 2006

    Wow, those guys will do anything to get attention.
    Agreed, very annoying ad.
    Plus I doubt they are the #1 wine video blog. Ever heard of Winespectator’s video blog chaps? I’m pretty sure they have more viewers.

  3. el jefe - November 15, 2006

    Absolutely #1 wine video blog. No question.
    Er, that is, amongst wine video blogs that use excessive flash and lime green in their ads….

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