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A couple of interesting wine blogs came across my radar that I want to pass on.

CLUELESS ABOUT WINE is an interesting project. And English bloke (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word "bloke" before) is cataloging his wine consumption history using GoogleMaps. the blog offers basic rankings for each of the 200 wines he’s tasted so far. But more fun is that he’s mapped them using Google Maps satellite tool.

GoogleMaps is a time-sucker, for sure. But combined with locations of wineries it becomes a day sucker for wine lovers. Appellation America (a client of Wark Communications) recently mapped more than 3500 North American wineries using the Google Map application. CluelessAboutWine has only mapped the blogger’s own tasting experience to-date, but it is a very interesting way to go about presenting one’s experience with wine.

is a fairly new blog, but the owner, a Los Angeles based wine lover, appears to be throwing himself into it with good, comprehensive reviews of the wines tasted, lots of context, lots of links and a commitment to talking about quality to price ratios.

I’ve always thought those blogs or reviewers that limit themselves to writing about wines  under a particular price limit themselves in a way that does them and their readers no good service. But this blog writer seems to be into it. His reviews are really outstanding.

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  1. Cru Master - November 7, 2006

    Speaking of great new wine blogs, and I dont mean to shamelessly punt my own blog, but the truth is that there are few wine blog that focus predominantly on South African wine so if anyone is interested in news and reviews from a South African context then take a look at and

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