Did the World Change for Red Wine Producers?

So did the world just change for producers of red wine?

We won’t know the commercial impact on winemakers of the latest resveratrol revelation for some time. The degree to which the recently announced study on the positive effects of ths anti-oxident found in red wine motivate folks to drink more red wine is unquestionably being fantasized about here in wine country.

This story of wine’s positive effects certainly has gotten more coverage than past stories…stories and studies that ovr the past ten years seem to come at us at a rate of once per month.

I think for this discovery to really affect wine we will need to see it develop some serious legs. We need to see newsmagazines pick it up. We need to see late night comedians pick  up on it. We need to see more books written about it. We need to see television news magazines devote segments to it.

I think it is more likely this wont happen than it will. The idea that red wine has positive benefits is common knowledge…ho hum, if you will.

However, that doesn’t stop the likes of winery owners, retail shop owners, restaurant owners, grapegrowers, wine marketers and wine publicists from closing our eyes and fantasizing about a 20% uptick in red wine sales. The impact of such a thing over a short period of time would be HUGE!

In the mean time….where are those resveratrol pills?

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  1. Fredric Koeppel - November 3, 2006

    Soon we’ll see wine labels with corner banners that announce: “10% MORE resveratol than the other cult cabs!!”

  2. Terry Hughes - November 4, 2006

    Not to mention the shelf talkers in the wine stores. Hitting gold: RP 90+ AND high resveratrol rating. Ka-ching, baby.

  3. Alder - November 4, 2006

    Important to note that the levels of resveratrol that seem to have beneficial health effects is the equivalent of 100 bottles of wine…per day! So not much to brag about having more resveratrol in your bottle than the next guy.

  4. Terry Hughes - November 5, 2006

    All kidding aside, you’re right about that, Alder. But I’d bet there’d still be a glow of promised health around the wines with a higher level of the stuff, however miniscule it might be in real, effective terms. And some schlockmeister will try to capitalize on it.

  5. WineBoy! - November 6, 2006

    That’s Dr. Schlockmeister! I didn’t go to the university to be called mister thank you. High altitude wines tend to have more resveratrol in them. A glass of Colorado merlot or a New Mexico merlot?
    All kidding aside it’s more important that the wine tastes good, of course.

  6. Karen - November 12, 2006

    Not a television news magazine, but this a.m., Sunday Nov. 12, 2006 in the US.,Fox News had Dr. Manny on and he was touting the positive effects of reservatrol. He takes a supplement and is also a red wine lover. I do not drink but have decided to start, with a glass or two of red wine a day.

  7. m - February 15, 2008

    My merlot won’t ferment!
    After the first batch of yeast, I tried another, still has not fermented. It as been 6 months and the wine is so sweet because the sugar is supposed to help it ferment. Any suggestions?

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