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Nominations for The American Wine Blog Awards will begin being accepted in early January 2007. Presented here is some initial background to the AWBA.

The AWBA exist to encourage the proliferation of high quality, thoughtful and innovative wine-related communications using the Blog format. By recognizing the best wine blogs in a number of categories, we hope to persuade all wine bloggers (and wine bloggers to-be) to produce high quality contributions to the wine writing genre.


1. Best Wine Blog
Any wine blog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least 52 posts is eligible to be awarded “Best Wine Blog”. The winner of this award will have delivered an overall wine blog experience that continually entertains and educates its readers; the winner will have brought an independence of thought and originality of thought to their wine blog. The quality of the writing, content and visual presentation of the “Best Wine Blog” will be of a very high quality. This Blog should have the potential to compete with other high quality wine information resources in any other medium.

2. Best Wine Review Blog
Any wine blog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least 52 posts is eligible to be awarded Best Wine Review Blog. The winner of this Award will have served its readers by providing independent, informed and well-presented reviews and recommendations for wines as a primary part of their blog.  The entire presentation of the review, from description, rating and graphics, will be taken into account.

3. Best Graphics on a Wine Blog
Any wine blog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least 52 posts is eligible to be awarded Best Graphics on a Wine Blog. Blogs that go the extra mile to present a compelling visual experience for their readers help demonstrate the potential of the blogging format. The winner of this award should have made an extra effort to present its subject matter in a highly visual and graphic manner that is both entertaining, educational and thought provoking.  Outstanding photography and graphic imagery that is used to support posts is the main focus of this Award

4. Best Wine Blog Writing
Any wine blog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least 52 posts is eligible to be awarded Best Wine Blog Writing. The winner of this award will have delivered outstanding prose and an entertaining writing style to convey original ideas.

5. Best Single-Subject Wine Blog
Any wine blog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least 52 posts is eligible to be awarded Best Single-Subject Wine Blog. The winner of this award must have as the focus of their blog a narrowly tailored subject matter. It might focus on an appellation or region, a particular varietal, wines from a particular store, wines of a particular price range or on a particular sector of the wine industry (excluding winery-run blogs). The winner will have done the best job of illuminating the particular and specific wine subject on which they’ve chosen to concentrate.

6. Best Winery Blog

Any wine blog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least 52 posts and is the product of a winery is eligible to be awarded Best Winery Blog. The winner of this award will have done the best work presenting wine-related subject matter from the perspective of a wine producer. The winner will have utilized their unique position in the industry to produce a distinctive experience for the reader that both educates and entertains.

7. Best Wine-Related Podcast or VideoBlog
Any wine-related podcast or videoblog in existence in 2006 that has produced at least episodes is eligible to be awarded Best Wine Related Podcast or VideoBlog. The winner of this award will have done the best job of utilizing the specific capabilities of audio and/or visual mediums to entertain and educate its listenership or viewership.


1. Nominations will be solicited from the general wine blog-reading public. Anyone may nominate up to 3 blogs in any category.

2. When the nomination process is over and closed a collection of judges will investigate the nominated blogs in each category over a series of days. They will present their Top 4 finalists in each category using a written criterion for judging in each category. In each category, the four blogs that are most often chosen by the judges as finalists will be presented as the Finalists in each category.

3. The four finalists in each category will be voted upon by the general public. The winner in each category will be that finalist that receives the most votes from the general public.

4. Judges for the American Wine Blog Awards will be announced after the initial nomination process is finished.


1. Press releases will be sent to the wine, tech, business and food media in America announcing the opening of the nomination process, announcing the finalists in each category and announcing the winners in each Category.

2. “Nominated For” and “Winner of” logos will be made available for use by all category finalists and category winners.

3. A “Vote For” logo will be available for anyone who wishes to post it on a website and help promote the awards.


1. Prizes will be awarded to all winners. The prizes are yet to be determined.

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42 Responses

  1. wineboffin - December 12, 2006

    Why American only? I don’t see a category for International Wine blog.

  2. Tim - December 12, 2006

    Yea, Tom, I agree with wineboffin that the awards shouldn’t be just American wine blogs but all wine blogs. The community is international.
    A good idea, none the less.

  3. veison - December 12, 2006

    I agree as well. There should be an international category.
    But keep the nominations to blogs that are in English or your judges may not be able to judge the nominations too well.
    How likely is it that we can get that category added?

  4. Alfonso - December 12, 2006

    prizes? Swag? email me, i bet we can get some of the Napa Valley folks to pitch in, along with some of the American importers..
    no kidding

  5. Wilf Krutzmann - January 8, 2007

    When you say American, does that mean North American? There are some good blogs based in your friendly neighbour, Canada.

  6. - Un diario di gusto e piacere - January 10, 2007

    Da Bigger Than Your Head, il blog di Fredric Koeppel, apprendiamo una notizia: Tom Wark, nel suo blog Fermentation, ha bandito un concorso per eleggere i migliori blog vinicoli americani. Qui il regolamento.
    Il concorso è aperto a blog di argomento e…

  7. fz - January 10, 2007
    Dave’s blog is the best. Love his insight and humor and how he can relate to your taste

  8. Bruce Buckley - January 11, 2007

    I’d like to nominate De Vine Inspiration. I read it regularly and get a lot of good ideas from it.

  9. Salvatore morelli - January 11, 2007

    I nominate Wine Library TV as the best wine blog. Gary is knowledgable, entertaining as well as funny. His one liner descriptions, are classics.

  10. Red Wine Italy - January 14, 2007

    Red Wine Italy

    Red Barbera DAsti: La Spinetta Ca Di Pian, Italy 2003, 48. Dear Wine Lovers

  11. Joe - January 14, 2007

    Poor Tim, you said «But keep the nominations to blogs that are in English» if your can’t read in Italian ou French, that’s your problem! Basta… Soyez plus ouvert!

  12. Alex B - January 16, 2007

    Hands down, the best U.S. Wine Blog is easily Eric Asimov’s The Pour.

  13. stephane - January 19, 2007

    Very good idea, we launched to France wine podcast on line of themes on the wine and the techniques of the sommellery.
    But only in french now…
    Best regards

  14. Wine Producers - January 19, 2007

    Wine Producers

    Select Region , Abruzzo, Aosta Valley, Apulia, Basilica

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  18. Brad Hickey - March 24, 2007

    Hi-would love to introduce my blog to you. Spending the vintage in Australia- former somm for Bouley, loving it.

  19. leo - August 15, 2007

    mostly time I found blog but I naver gain lots of information but this blog have lots of important information abt this and I got lots of imformation on it . Thanks

  20. penisa - August 20, 2007

    Most of the time blogs don’t carry alot of information and just made for time pass. But I think your blog is the one where I have learned many things with your practicles and experiences. Thanks

  21. P - September 10, 2007

    When it comes to wines one ought to include the French and the Australians,otherwise the field lacks fair judgment!

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