A Great New Wine Blog

There is a new MUST READ wine blog in town:

BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD, by Fredric Koeppel.

Here’s the bottom line: Fredric Koeppel is, simply, one of the most experienced wine writers in America. For years  (more than 20) he wrote a wine column for the Memphis Tennessean and , as a result of his fair, straightforward advise became one of the most respected columnists in the country. In 2004 he started Koeppel On Wine, still a "go to" wine site on the Internet.

I’ve been waiting for this blog to emerge for a number of reasons. Reading his Koeppel On Wine it was clear that Fredric had much more to say than what he put up on that site. He had been promising a blog for some time to fill the gap that existed between his wine and food soaked mind and his venue. Now, finally and happily, we have it.

Of course this represents another professional writer jumping into the blogosphere. He follows it he footsteps of Jon Bonne, Eric Asimov, Mark Fisher, Alice Feiring, Tricia Colianne, the Wine Spectator writers and a number of others. It means more competition for the other wine bloggers out there, but frankly I think after the wine blogosphere hit 300+ blogs the issue of competition had pretty much sailed.

The best thing about having Fredric and the other professionals blogging, besides the good reading they deliver, is the inspiration they provide. Good writing combined with insight borne of experience almost always results in inspiring prose. Nothing could be more useful for wine bloggers, particularly those who are not professional writes.

When you combine experience and good writing you get posts LIKE THIS ONE, in which Frederic shines the light of incredulity on his subject!

If you love reading good writing and love wine, consider Fredric’s new blog, BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD, an early gift under your tree.

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  1. Fredric Koeppel - December 11, 2006

    Thank you for those very kind words, Tom. Readership of BTYH jumped about a thousand percent today and is now second to google in links to KoeppelOnWine. It’s been amazing. Thanks again!

  2. Jose Carlos Garcia Rodriguez - October 13, 2008

    Su blog de vinos es un magnífico blog de vinos.

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