The American (English) Wine Blog Awards

When I was playing Little League Baseball every year there would be an awards ceremony at the end of the season. The winning team would get an award. "Coach of the Years" would be awarded. "Most Valuable Player" awards would be given out. Then, at the end, they’d give this award: "Friendliest Player Award".

The coaches decided who would get this award. I never really understood why it was given. More importantly, I couldn’t understand how the coaches could possible determine who was the friendliest ballplayer. They were, so to speak, out of their league.

That’s the same way I feel about judging non-English writing and non-English Wine Blogs. Neither I nor the judges of the American Wine Blog Awards could possibly judge the quality of a wine blog written in Spanish or Italian or French or German.

So, since there has been a bit of discussion on the issue of what the "American" in "American Wine Blog Awards" means, let me clear up a few things.

1. The "American" moniker refers to the geographic place of origin of the Awards. Myself and the judges all reside in America. Plus, i like the alliteration of these four words strung together.

2. The Award categories are open to any Wine Blog written and presented in English. If that Blog originates in Spain, Iraq, China, India, France or Switzerland and if it is written in English, it is eligible for nomination in any of the categories.

I should note that I considered another category: "Friendliest Wine Blog". But not being much of an expert on friendly, and never having won "Friendliest Player Award", I decided against it.

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  1. Paul Mabray - December 13, 2006

    We think this is a great idea and support you 100% and will assist in any way you need.
    Inertia – Powering the Wine Revolution
    —Paul Mabray – CEO

  2. Mark Spangler - December 13, 2006

    I definitely agree on the decision to judge any wine blog in the English language regardless of its origin.
    This may required some worldly judges however as language is not the only difference across our borders in publishing and blogging.
    Excited to see the results.
    Mark Spangler

  3. ryan opaz - December 14, 2006

    Thanks for the clarity and I look forward to how they develop!

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