The Grape Doesn’t Fall Far From The Vine


We always hope that the children we raise will take up some of the interests that have held our attention during our lives. My stepchildren, Trey and Hayley, came in to my life when they were very young. They are both pretty amazing little people.

Now, I had hoped that they would eventually take up my love of wine. At a certain age I began letting them sample wine. I explained that wine should taste like a place ("no, not like dirt, Hayley") and I taught them how to swirl the wine, smell it, sip it and taste it.

From the beginning Trey dove in spouting out, "apple!"  or  "it tastes like raisins." The boy’s palate is developing at a swift pace.

Hayley, however, has the same response to most every wine she smells and tastes: Eeewww!

For the moment this bright and beautiful little girl doesn’t seem to be following in my footsteps as it relates to wine. I console myself knowing there is still lots of time for her.

My other lifelong interest however is history. It’s the subject I took my masters in and almost took with me down an academic path. To this day my wife will stare at me as I lay in bed with an 800 page book titled "Europe: The First 1000 Years" and shake her head: "I’d slit my wrists if I had to read that, Tom".

HOWEVER…yesterday guess what Little Hayley brings home from school: The Award for TOP SOCIAL SCIENCE STUDENT at Alta Mira Middle School!!!

My wife says a tear came to my eye upon seeing the certificate. Maybe it did.

I’m tempted to drag down my stash of History texts from the attic and plop them on her bed. But that might be overkill. For now it’s enough to bask in her glory and appreciate the fact that while Hayley hasn’t adopted my love of wine, she has apparently found an aptitude for The Greatest Story.

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  1. Paul Mabray - December 22, 2006

    Congrats Hayley! And happy holidays to you and your family Tom.
    All my best,

  2. winehiker - December 22, 2006

    Pride in one’s self is but a drop in the ocean compared to how profound the pride can be regarding the achievements of a person that you have had an influence on. It can make you feel as if what you do actually counts for something. Something truly good.
    And it does count, Tom. Thank you for influencing me this year! May Santa bring you and your family more of the same profound blessings.

  3. Dr. Debs - December 22, 2006

    Congrats to Hayley for discovering history, and its good to know that in addition to all your wine knowledge you can be relied on for information on the fall of Rome! Seriously, tell Hayley there is always a need in the world for good historians and good storytellers.

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