The Annual Wine Auction Wrap Up is Out

Howard Goldberg has released what I believe has become his annual wrap up of the International Wine Auction Market over at A couple very interesting tidbits are reside in his article.

1. New York-based auction house and retailer Acker Merrall & Condit bested all other auction houses, including Christies, with total sales in 2006 of more than $60 million.

2. comes in as the fifth largest international wine auction house with $22 Million in sales. They came in behind Acker, Christies, Sothebys and Zackys. Not bad for an on-line only venture. They increased their sales over 2005 by 10%.

3. Of the ten auction houses mentioned in the article, each increased their annual sales over the previous year.

On another note..
I admit to contributing my share to’s annual revenue. But I had an interesting reaction to the result of my last set of bids at last week’s auction. I was outbid on 4 lots and did not get them, leaving me only with a 1995 Rioja for my haul last week. When I saw the emails explaining that  was outbid at the last moments of the auction and did not have the highest offer for four lots I felt rather satisfied. This can mean only one thing: I’ve been having too much fun over at Winebid of late and I know it.

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