American Wine Blog Awards Update: Almost Ready to Announce Finalists

We are only a few days away from announcing the finalists in each of the seven American Wine Blog Awards categories. I’m thinking early next week at the latest.

The judges have all informed me that the process of looking through all the nominated blogs has been a great experience for them. While each of them is very familiar with the blog format and wine blogs, none of them had taken the opportunity to delve into the world of wine blogs in such an intense fashion.

I actually visited each and every site nominated prior to sending them off to the judges. I was just looking to make sure they all had the requisite number of posts and that they fell into the correct category. I look at blogs fairly often. But going through them all in a single day was enlightening for me also.

There is great stuff being done in this genre. But there is also room for lots of improvement. And I got lots of ideas for FERMENTATION. Remember, stealing borrowing is a compliment.

That said, look for the finalists in each category to be coming your way very soon and for the voting to begin.

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3 Responses

  1. wineguy - January 31, 2007

    Someone asked earlier who the judges are. I hope you will reveal the answer at some point…

  2. tom - January 31, 2007

    You are going to get all the information you could ever want after the finalists are chosen. Each will be profiled thoroughly. I just thought it best to do this after the finalists were chosen rather than before.

  3. victoria - February 1, 2007

    Very exciting! How many blogs are nominated in total?
    Can’t wait to see who the finalists are…

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