The Evolution of Wine Blogging

I think it’s significant that some of the wine world’s most important movers and shakers sat through a presentation that argued Blogs are a phenomena that need to be heeded.

That was exactly the message delivered by Marc Engal at the Wine Evolution conference in Paris this week. Wine Evolution looks at the industry from a global perspective. It attracts high level participants from around the wine world and attracts speakers who specialize in looking at the wine world from a global perspective.

Marc Engel is a Project Director at BRS research group here in California that provides high levelMarcengel
analysis of trends. Marc’s specialty is wine. At Wine Evolution he sat on a panel that explored the question: "How to Improve your Sales & Marketing strategy in the World’s biggest market? Others on the panel included Patrick Merrill of Merrill Research, USA, Laurent Guinand of GiraMondo Wine Ventures, and Vic Motto of Global Wine Partners LLC, USA

Although I was not there, I’m also told that at a recent Unified Symposium seminar blogging was also a main topic of conversation.

The report on Engel’s presentation concerning wine bloggers at Wine Evolution relates that Engel understands the growing importance of this medium:

market researcher Marc Engel of B/R/S said wine bloggers were important
for producers. ‘Pay attention to bloggers, accept you don’t have total
control, participate in consumer discussion and, finally, be
authentic,’ he implored."

Seeding the minds of these folks at a conference like Wine Evolution
is the kind of thing that helps turns a peripheral "thing" like wine
blogging into an important "movement." People talk. They talk about what
they heard an authority say at a conference. The media hears the
message from an authority. This in turn gives them more reason to
report on the phenomena. More people read about wine blogging. More
attention is focused on wine blogging. The phenomenon grows.

There’s something happening out there with respect to the impact of wine blogging.


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  1. jens at cincinnati wine - February 1, 2007

    I agree and I just recently noticed that Jean-Luc Thunevin has an English blog:
    When heavy hitters like Thunevin start blogging, I think it means that the wine blogs have arrived! Better put on your seatbelts!

  2. Paul Mabray - February 1, 2007

    I was at wine evolution for this speech – it was one of the two best speeches at the conference and Mark gets Wine 2.0, social media and more. It was amazing to watch his command of knowledge in this space. You should request his presentation – it was fantastic. We hope to have him speaking at one of our events soon.
    Inertia – Powering the Wine Revolution
    —Paul Mabray – CEO

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