Library Wine

Have you ever considered how the weather affects your choice of wine? Of course you have.

But have you ever considered how the architecture or interior design of a venue affects your choice of what wine to drink.

I was struck by this idea as I was driving home from a meeting that took place in a unique building. Imagine one of those dark paneled libraries filled with warm toned carpeting, hard woods, wood paneled walls, leather chairs, old paintings of men long gone and hunts, and books upon books lining the walls and covering topics such as philosophy, the history of Rome, etc.

I was standing in this place and I could think of only two wines: Port and Madeira. I wanted badly to drink Vintage Port and Madeira. And I didn’t want to take off my tie to do so. In fact, it occurred to me that the Port would have tasted better being sipped in this environment and perhaps taste best in this environment and while wearing a tie. It was just one of those places.

Well then I started thinking about my own home. Let’s just say it’s filled with color. I’ve got rooms where the walls are painted blue, green, pumpkin, etc. It really does work. But, it’s not a "Port House". It’s really a bit of a "Viognier House"…perhaps even a Rose House. In other words, right off the bat I’d feel like my home is urging me to sip a vibrant white or a fruity, cold Rose. I do have one room in my home that might encourage the drinking of Port. But it would have to be a Tawny.

I suppose this set of observations is more a reflection of the variety of wines that exist, rather than the disposition of my state of mine or of my own tastes.


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