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The self described "Manhattan-based international food, wine, travel, and lifestyle journalist" Marisa D’Vari has launched a new wine blog she’s calling: "A Wine Story".

Marisa has written for a number of publications and now has found herself on to the blogosphere. Marisa lives in the center of the universe (read: New York City) so you can expect, it seems, a slight emphasis on that neck of the woods.

I was intrigued by her latest post in which she wonders, "how far to go when you are the guest and your host gives you the honor of choosing the wine."

Marisa gives a good response.

For those of you in the wine business or just big wine drinkers, you’ve probably been given the honor of ordering the wine when you are among company that feels obligated to have you choose the wine. I’ve been there too. My approach is to try my best to find a wine that is most likely to go with what the folks around the table have ordered. That’s hard and I end up with Pinot most of the time using that calculation.

When the food is just too varied, then I’ll usually look for something unusual on the list.

When that fails, when there just isn’t anything unusual on the list, I’ll look to see if they have a decent sparkler. Though most casual wine drinkers won’t order sparkling wine to go with their meal, I find that they end up really enjoying it and it gives a special quality to their meal.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Marisa


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  1. Marisa D'Vari - January 5, 2007

    Wow, thanks so much for the welcome, Tom! I think everyone is so lucky to be born into this fabulous Internet Age!

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