Wine blog Awards News: Update 2–400 Nominations

As of 10am today, nearly 400 separate nominating comments have been placed in the seven categories for the American Wine blog Awards.

Clearly, the readers of FERMENTATION are among the best nominators out there. It’s amazing.

Interestingly, the category with the fewest nominations to-date is "Best Graphics on a Wine Blog". It’s curious why this would be the case. Perhaps folks don’t think about graphics as much when "reading" blogs. However, the art of drawing a reader into a post or even  a blog with well constructed and well placed graphics is something of well honed craft.

Keep up the nominating.

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19 Responses

  1. jerry - January 11, 2007

    Tom, perhaps it is because Fermentation is “not eligible”. How do you find the time to do everything and come up with your clever visuals?
    Being the very visual person that I am, I look forward to the medium becoming more visual in the coming year(s). Doing videos in a plain room is a great start, but I look forward to greater “production values”. Let’s “dial it up ” a notch or two!

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