Wine Blog Awards News: Update 3—Link Generosity

With only four days to go in the nomination process for the American Wine Blog Awards, I’m looking at roughly 540 comments placed in the seven award categories. Many of those comments have more than one nomination. In other words…"oh my God…am I glad I’m not one of the judges!"

If you are wondering why this initial nomination process has been such a success I can offer a number of explanations. However, perhaps the most important reason IS THIS.

There have been a lot of folks out there who are VERY generous with their postings when it comes to the American Wine Blog Awards and, as a result, helping to get the word out. I’m grateful for the help.

I expect that by Thursday, when the nomination process closes, we will be looking at something along the lines of over 600 comments placed in the various awards categories. We’ll work our buts off to to get this info collated and off to the judges as soon as possible.

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