How To really KNOW someone

I’ve always said that if you had no more information about a person than what’s on their bookshelves and what they keep in their wine cellar you could probably figure out all you need to know about them. I stand by that assessment.

I think, however I might have a corollary to "Tom’s First Law of Personality".: What gifts do their family give them on their birthday.

What can you tell about a person who gets these things for their birthday AND are VERY pleased with receiving them?

1. A large bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon
2. A Huge Bag of Whoppers Malt balls
3. A box of Belgian Chocolates
4. A homemade Shadow box filled with their father’s WWII medals with his photo from that era
5. A copy of Madden 2007 Football for the Xbox

There must be some message in there.

Figure out what it means and you will have a much better take on this blogger.

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  1. peaches - February 20, 2007


  2. hayley - February 20, 2007

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! I noticed that my present was first!!

  3. Jeff Lefevere - February 20, 2007

    You’re only getting Madden ’07 now?

  4. el jefe - February 20, 2007

    1,2,3: I’m with ya!
    4: Tell us about your father sometime, please!
    5. You have time for that?
    Natal tidings, man!

  5. Lenn - February 21, 2007

    Happy birthday Mr. Wark!
    I agree with Jefe…would love to hear about your father.

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