American Wine Blog Awards Winners

The two things I was hoping to demonstrate with the American Wine Blog Awards was the diversity of voices and the excess of talent that exists in the world of Wine Blogging. This was important to me for a number of reasons.

Wine writing has traditionally been the domain of large books written by great palates and magazines devoted to a reverential approach to understanding wine. The talented folks who have dedicated themselves to writing about wine and educating the public about wine built created a new kind of sub genre inside literature and reporting and criticism. Quite an accomplishment.

But then came wine bloggers and not too long ago. They had the disadvantage of being bloggers. That is, blogging simply doesn’t have the cache that books and magazines carry. Yet, anyone who has been reading them for any time must realize there is some very impressive and important work occurring in the world of wine blogs. I hope the American Wine Blog Awards have demonstrated this.

With this introduction, we present the

2007 American Wine Blog Awards Winners

The Wine Collector Blog

Steve Bachmann of Vinfolio seemed to come out of nowhere in this category. The competition was thick. But take a look at the way Steve approaches issues of concern to wine collectors and wine aficionados. It’s a real service. Steve keeps his blog’s eye trained on the interest of his readers with every post

Pinot Blogger
Josh is the proprietor of Capozzi Family Winery in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County. Here’s the thing. Josh hasn’t released a single wine yet. But, his readers have followed him as he names his winery, gets a logo and label design created, deals with winery architects and even as he learns the wine industry. It has been a superb, intriguing effort backed by strong writing and insight.

Wine Library TV
Gary Vaynerchuk has created something of a sensation with Wine Library TV. His devotion to his audience and to getting off regular episodes is just the beginning. It’s like watching "Live Action, Full Contact Wine Tasting." More important, Gary’s shows combine a real reverence for wine with an attitude that bleeds fun!

The Good Grape
Here’s a blog that is entirely unique. Its content is focused on business and culture as related to wine. That could be pretty dry. Thankfully it’s not because the author is dedicated to understanding the experience of wine. That pre-occupation with experience shows through in the visual experience he gives his readers. It’s a downright beautiful presentation.

Alder Yarrow does not just review a wine, he slays it, dissects it and serves it up for his readers…guts, sheen, pimples, beauty and all. The reviews are in depth stories that bring the reader into the belly of the beverage. But then there are the ratings.  Anyone who knows Alder will be at a big tasting looks forward to his mammoth reports on every wine he tasted. It’s a treat…as is this venerable blog.

Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog
Tyler Colman almost makes it nearly unfair for everyone else. His knowledge of the wine industry, the politics of wine and of wines in general is deep and broad. This shows up in his sterling prose that are straightforward, precise and thought provoking.

Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog
Tyler Colman has developed a dedicated fan base that was able to put his blog over the top in these awards. Why do they follow Dr. Vino’s writings? Lots of reasons. The bottom line is that it gets it right on a number of levels. The content is diverse. The posts are short enough to be read all the way through yet never superfluous. Reading Dr. Vino is like hanging out with a really cool, very knowledgeable wine friend, not Wine Geek.

Congratulations to all the winners…now go Blog!

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  1. My Wine Education - February 21, 2007


    Many congratulations to the winners of the American Wine Blog Awards, all very deserving and great-to-read blogs. Cheers!

  2. Mark Fisher - February 21, 2007

    Congratulations to the winners — a well-deserved bunch — and to you, Tom, for midwifing this baby. Now you’ve got to turn this little project over to someone else so Fermentation will be eligible to receive votes!

  3. tom merle - February 21, 2007

    No question–the winners are top notch. But without going back and looking at your methodology (I’m too lazy), how did you prevent virtual ballot stuffing. Or put differently, couldn’t a contender just go out and get 300 people, each with a different IP, to vote on their behalf?
    With the Oscars, Academy memebers have one vote, period. “People’s Choice” awards programs are different. There must be some safeguards built into the voting system…

  4. Aristide - Blog di viaggio nel vino - February 22, 2007

    American Wine Blog Awards: ecco i vincitori

    Ecco i vincitori dell’ 2007 American Wine Blog Awards, il premio per i migliori wine blogger USA, pensato e realizzato da Tom Wark, anch’egli wine-blogger di Fermentation. BEST SINGLE SUBJECT WINE BLOGThe Wine Collector BEST WINERY BLOGPinot Blogger BE…

  5. Mike - February 25, 2007

    Can’t resist. Tom’s comments sound like sour grapes to me. 😉
    If you were a contender and got 300 people to vote for you, that sounds like a vote of confidence. Unless you’re questioning the motivation of the 300?
    Come on. This is wine we’re talking about. Drink! Enjoy! Live!

  6. Ben - September 13, 2007

    Very good runner ups, that’s out of the question! Personally I like the Vinography out of the list the most.

  7. ted - January 25, 2008

    Indeed has blogging and the web made wine less snobby and more open to the general fun public.
    Along these lines, my friend Jon and I have launched our new wine blog / reviews / iPhone app at: We’re stressing that wine can be fun and easy, and not expensive and boring.
    We’re hoping to enter into next year’s Wine Awards 🙂

  8. ugg - October 20, 2010

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