A Wine Place Puzzle: 4-12-07 Edition

What In The World Is This "Wine Place"?
While Fermentation & Family is on holiday, we offer you these intriquing place-puzzles, brought to you by the GoogleEarth.

Place your guesses in the comments section of this post. No prizes, just pride. The answers will be revealed on April 16.


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  1. Derrick Schneider - April 12, 2007

    Hmm, I was doing some Google Earth research myself in that area. I was looking at Rubicon and Mondavi, though.

  2. Saint_Vini - April 12, 2007

    Its right across the street, Derek. The stone is French, the redwood is Californian, the wine is overpriced and overrated.

  3. Mr Vino - April 12, 2007

    Way too easy…. Opus One.

  4. Adam Bekhor - April 12, 2007

    Pretty sure this one is Opus One. Oh yeah..for sure…the memory of a $25 for a 2 oz pour is screaming back to me.

  5. Justin - April 12, 2007

    Wow…that was by far the easiest one. No need to even look at google earth. Love the facility, not so hot on the wine and price of it. Love the symmetrical building and half 50% french stone representing rothschild and the 50% american wood representing mondavi. I didn’t think it was redwood like Saint Vini said it was though.

  6. alan estrada - April 15, 2007

    opus one for sure.
    i have a few bottles

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