A Wine Place Puzzle: 4-13-07 Edition

What In The World Is This "Wine Place"?
While Fermentation & Family is on holiday, we offer you these intriquing place-puzzles, brought to you by the GoogleEarth.

Place your guesses in the comments section of this post. No prizes, just pride. The answers will be revealed on April 16.

HINT: Do You know Your Bordeaux Chateaux?


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4 Responses

  1. Robert - April 13, 2007

    Conclusively, Chateau Palmer!
    Now, I can forward you my address so you can send me a bottle (2005 vintage, please!)

  2. marissa - April 14, 2007

    Pichon Longueville Comtesse

  3. Garry Clark - April 14, 2007

    Im going with Pichon Lalande as well.

  4. Per - April 20, 2007

    I’d say Palmer, you can regonize the twin towers on the shadow, the small garden in front and that it’s just at the exit of the village. Certainly not a Pichon, neither Lalande nor Longueville (who are facing each other across the road).

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