The More Stingy the Blogger, the Better?

It seems to me something of a rule (though with exceptions) that the really good writers and thinkers who take up blogging disappoint because they just don’t blog enough to satisfy the desire of their readers for a lot more of their really good stuff. They are stingy.

This is the case with Thomas Pellechia’s "VinoFictions" blog, a source of wonderfully written, provocative, educational and opinionated posts by a man who knows his stuff.

Pellechia is the author of "The 8000 Year Old Story of the Wine Trade", numerous articles on wine and food, and he is a wine educator to boot. He’s the kind of guy you beg to write in a blog format.

And while I’m thankful he does do this, he is, again, stingy with his posts. In 2007 he has produced a mere 28 posts, each one interesting and worth reading. Perhaps it is a condition of being a good thinker and writer that you are also willing only to put out the good stuff, rather than a lot of stuff. This would certainly explain my own relatively frequent postings

Pellechia tends to write about Macro wine issues: Terroir, distribution, Biodynamics, Wine Education, the meaning of terms. It’s really good, top shelf stuff.

Here’s hoping that Pellechia has time to deliver more to VinoFictions. But if he doesn’t I still await my RSS Alert to each of his new post with anticipation.


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  1. Thomas Pellechia - May 16, 2007

    Thanks, Tom, for the kind words.
    Here’s my reason for being stingy with blog entries: there’s only so much time in a day. But I promise that when I become independently wealthy, I will give up trying to earn a living and just write a blog.
    Really, time is my reason.
    The blog is there so that I can write the things about which I feel deeply. Editors of various periodicals can’t always buy a writer’s deep feelings–the market for truth is limited. Plus, I am old enough now to worry just a little less about the implications of pissing others off, especially after they have piing. ssed me off, and I know, Tom, that you know that feeling; I have been following your writing too.
    Incidentally, your notes on Mondovino seems to have struck a few nerves on the muddled wine geek Internet.

  2. tom - May 18, 2007

    Thomas: Yes, I saw the discussion of my two year old blog post on Mondovino and French winemaking terrorists. Hmmmm?
    Great blog….I’ll take what I can get but look forward to you obtainnig the status of Independently Wealthy.

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