It turns out some the real pleasures are those that really are simple. Like watching a good drama on a small screen with fine wines.

About 2 months ago I discovered Battlestar Galactica (the new one, not the old TV series). I rented the first episode on Netflix and immediately realized that great Sci Fi had returned to television. However. I was clearly late to the party. Upon discovering the series it was already into its third year.

So, I did what any modern man would do: I rented the first two season via NetFlix. Without my family knowing I was able to bump these DVDs up to the top of my Netflix Queue, pushing other less worthy choices down the queue. I took some flack for this from the wife and kids, but hey….I’m dad. I can occasionally do these sorts of things.

I consumed the first and second season as fast as the DVDs arrived at my home. GREAT stuff, Battlestar Galactica. Intelligent, good character development, fine exploration of modern day themes. The best Sci Fi on TV in years!

Then I come to Season Three. Not on DVD yet! Damn. But again, being a modern man the solution is clear. I downloaded season three from iTunes on to my trusty video iPod.

And so there I sat for one whole day. My video iPod in one hand, a couple bottles of wine (French Rose from Kermit and a Cameron Hughes Lot) and Season Three of BattleStar Galactica. Actually, it took two days but not by much.

Then, today, I hear this show will be canceled after season 4. What’s up with this?? No one ever canceled Kermit Lynch. No one has canceled Cameron Hughes wines. No one canceled Netflix. No one canceled the iPod. Shouldn’t those things that are the best in their class be prohibited from being canceled?

What the hell is going on??  Frack!!

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  1. Pattie - June 4, 2007

    Welcome to my world. I’ve watched it since the show began and I can’t believe only one of my friends is watching it too, why aren’t the rest of them watching?!
    I must admit though, I think it’s better to end the show on a high note rather than run it into the ground. Unfortunately, we’ve got to wait until January before season 4 even begins! ARUGH!

  2. Saint_Vini - June 4, 2007

    Ruined my day too. I was with you on Arrested Development as well….
    At least its not being “cancelled”, they’re winding it up without dragging it on. Whatever they do next should be equally worth watching, and I look forward to it.

  3. Derrick Schneider - June 4, 2007

    Actually, wines do get “canceled” if there’s no demand, which is what’s going on with BSG (we’re big fans; watched the webisodes as well).
    Every TV show has some falloff of regular viewers. The problem with BSG and others of that ilk is that there’s a high bar for people to get into the show, no matter how long the previouslies. So you have viewers falling off, no new ones coming on board, for a show that had a relatively small audience to begin with.
    I agree that I’d rather see it end on their terms rather than having the network pull the plug randomly. Compare the ending of Buffy (planned, minus the “Season 8” comic book now available) versus Angel or Veronica Mars (unplanned, and in the VM case they left at a cliffhanger because they didn’t know the decision until they were done filming).

  4. Paul Mabray - June 18, 2007

    Frak – two great sci-fi shows gone before their time (Firefly and BSG). Well at least they sell the entire series for both on Itunes.

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