Former Wine Magazine Editor is FUNNY

Former Wine Magazine Editor is Funny..And Fantasizes About Sex:

Then, check out THIS site.

Interestingly, I’ve been coming across a few folks who work in or around the wine industry that are choosing to approach wine in a comedic manner. In fact, I heard that one very insightful wine industry watcher did a set at the resent Wine Financial Symposium and killed.

Maybe wine is funnier than we give it credit for. Or, maybe wine geeks really are funny…(Funny "ha ha", not funny "strange")

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  1. el jefe - September 23, 2007

    Way to go Tish!

  2. Alastair Bathgate - September 26, 2007

    Good effort!
    You gotta keep life light hearted haven’t you? For those of us that don’t work in the wine industry, wine is our FUN time.

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