Is Wine Gay?

Yeah, I’m in PR. A marketer. At heart, I’m a salesperson (hell, I once made a good living selling vacuum cleaners door to door). So I understand the importance of getting the consumer’s attention and setting yourself apart.

I understand the idea of market segmentation. I understand the idea of looking at the market by age, by ethnicity, by geography and by mindset and catering a product or pitch to the difference that exist between the market’s segments.

I understand too the benefits and potential of catering to the gay marketplace. I’ve worked with wineries that have specifically catered pitches to a gay demographic.

But there is something about that gives me the heeby Jeebies(sp?).

Is it still necessary to appeal to the purely sexual when marketing to the gay community? Must a product or sales pitch to the gay community assume that  my neighbor down the street  is primarily concerned with getting laid? From the look of you’d think this is the only thing on their mind.

The site describes its focus this way:

Sommelier is a Wine Interest style BLOG site targeting the Gay consumer
that goes far beyond the basic “Wine Critique” into detail riche
experiences in Wine, Cuisine, Travel, Luxury Goods, Art and Music… all
with a little lighthearted risque mischief."

Is there a wine blog that peddles sexual insinuations along side wine that is aimed at straights? Someone point me to it. I can see the benefits of a blog post on how to incorporate wine into the art of seduction. I can see the idea of a blog post that highlights the nexus between sex and wine. I can even wrap my arms around the idea of a blog that chronicles how a person incorporates wine into their love life. But a blog that insinuates that gays must see some kind of connection to sex in order to get interested in the content simply strikes me as too stereotypical to be of use.

Maybe I’m wrong.   

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  1. el jefe - October 31, 2007

    hi Tom – I’m afraid I don’t get it, so I must have missed something… All I found there were some tired quotes, an Emerson poem, a review of a wine called Seduction, and some art history. Certainly a gay slant on things, but I didn’t see any overt sexuality… I did see a whole bunch of excessive legalese on the “Etiquette” page, however…

  2. Terry Hughes - October 31, 2007

    Agree with el Jefe, big guy. Sure looks pretty stale and unexceptional. Believe me, as an old fruit-forward, I could think of a dozen truly raunchy ways to sell the crap out of this stuff. (Yes, including things I have done with wine with a willing partner.) Then you’d have something to fulminate about.

  3. Tom Wark - October 31, 2007

    It just seems all to stereotypical to me. Is there no other way to market to gays than by insinuating sex?

  4. Terry Hughes - October 31, 2007

    Well, it is the easiest hook for that segment.
    All kidding aside….Since a lot of people in the wine biz are gay/lesbian, and since most of the gay people I know are fond of good food and wine, the best way to market to them is to do so on the basis of, you know, taste and quality and heart health and all the other stuff that, surprise, would work with straights.

  5. Thomas - October 31, 2007

    I’m with Tom. It seems demeaning to view people always in the context of their sexual orientation instead of focusing on the good old daily humanity of us all.

  6. Steve - November 1, 2007

    Tom, take a cold shower and chill! You’ve gone postal on this one. If I’m not offended by the website, you shouldn’t be! All they’re doing is obeying Rule #1 in marketing: Know your clientele! Seems to me they’ve borrowed a page from beer, cognac, cars, etc. Sex sells.

  7. Leo O'Donnell - November 2, 2007

    The site combines bad (possibly self) stereotyping with uninteresting copy that offers little value.
    Similar mistakes are made by bloggers and even professional marketers when they target women. Its too easy to latch onto the stereotype.
    If expects to make it, the copy has to speak directly to the audience. Sure sex sells, but I don’t see theis random copy truly selling any here. Better they should offer good wine information that could benefit their audience.

  8. Catie - November 5, 2007

    What an odd little site. Oh well, you know what they say – “Different strokes (no pun intended) for different folks.”

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