The Map Is Green…Way Too Green


This is a radar map of Napa and Sonoma Counties at 10pm this evening. That green is rain. And it’s been pouring pretty hard here in Glen Ellen for about an hour. The rain looks as though it should pass in about an hour or two.

Unfortunately more rain is forecast for Friday. What we are looking for here tomorrow is some good breezes and some sun. There’s probably a good 20% of the grapes still hanging.

I hate this shit!


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  1. Casey Hartlip - October 10, 2007

    There are still lots of grapes hanging up here in Mendocino.

  2. Randy - October 10, 2007

    YOU hate this? I’m a *GROWER*, dammit! We’ve had at least one somewhat soothing call back from Joe Votek saying, “don’t worry about it, Cabernet is tough, it’ll be fine.”
    Hard to feel soothed, though, when you think about how much more this pushes harvest back on the calendar…

  3. Arthur - October 10, 2007

    Would you be as worried if we had different approaches to growing and if pyrazines and other vegetal characteristics were considerec desirable?

  4. Morgan Twain-Peterson - October 12, 2007

    It seems that most stuff hanging is not even really green anymore and winemakers are just trying to get some more sugar…..

  5. Joe - October 16, 2007

    Just got back from Sonoma, and all of the winemakers were freakin’ out. I’m with Arthur…

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